Pregnancy & Pregnancy Prep Fitness & Nutrition
Pregnancy & Pregnancy Prep Fitness & Nutrition

Pregnancy & Pregnancy Prep Fitness & Nutrition

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About MYB & Our Founder

Founded and created by Nancy Anderson as a way to reach more moms that want safe, effective and science based workouts and protocols to help them thrive, before, during and after pregnancy. With over 18 years of experience in the field, hands on coaching experience, and a Masters in Kinesiology.

Nancy is raising the bar for pregnancy & postpartum fitness worldwide. Only allowing the very best experts on her team, available to you now, through the MYB app.

We will be correcting poor posture, incorrect breathing patterns, and reconnecting. Move Your Bump is a world-leading provider of GOAL BASED fitness and nutrition platform. We program training and nutrition plans based off of the most recent scientific research to help promote optimal health and benefits for Mom and baby from pre conception through every phase of pregnancy.


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